Jesus The Christ among the Indigenous Hopi




Our Lord JESUS THE CHRIST has the Gift of UBIQUITY, that is to say, He can be in different places of the Planet simultaneously.

Our Lord JESUS THE CHRIST lives in Shambhala (a secret country in Tibet which is placed within the Fourth Dimension or in "State of Jinas") with His same Resurrected Physical Body, but at the same time He is in the United States:

"During these days [*] in which we completed these thirty-three chapters of the Perfect Matrimony, we have been informed that the Great Master Jesus is in Western United States. The Great Master walks the streets anonymously and unknown, he dresses like any citizen and nobody knows him. A tremendous flow of Christic energy comes from him and is dispersed to all of America. The Great Master still maintains the same body he had in the Holy Land. Certainly, the Great Hierophant Jesus resurrected on the Third day from among the dead, and he still lives with his physical body. Jesus achieved Resurrection through the Elixir of Long Life as he Christified himself. Jesus Christified himself because he walked along the Path of the Perfect Matrimony". (From "The Perfect Matrimony" [* year 1961], by Our V.M. Samael Aun Weor).

Our Lord JESUS THE CHRIST, although living with the same Physical Body with which He Resurrected about two thousand years ago, can be at the same time in different places of the Planet, for He has the gift of ubiquity.

Our V.M. Samael Aun Weor's aformentioned Revelation in the year 1961 is Great! Wonderful! This information was received by Our V.M. Samael Aun Weor INTERNALLY, spiritually.

This real fact is confirmed by the testimonies of a Wise Indigenous HOPI Elder in a Book ("The History of the Hopi from their Origins in Lemuria") whose First English Edition was published many years later, in 2009!

The first encounter that the Indigenous Elder physically had with Our Lord JESUS THE CHRIST in Hopi territory was little before World War II. In subsequent meetings, Our Lord Jesus The Christ continued instructing the Indigenous Hopi Elder in His Mission. It was in 1960 when Our Lord Jesus The Christ informed the Hopi Elder "White Bear" and His Wife Naomi that they had been chosen "to cooperate with others who would be sent by the Master for a project vital to human understanding and consciousness."

That is to say, the handing over of Hopi Elders' Spiritual and Ancestral Knowledge to Humanity, whose first part was written in the "Book of the Hopi" (the first English edition was published in 1963) and many years later, it continued in his book published in 2009. Some of the revealed Knowledge concerns the Mysteries of the "Kachinas" (Archangels who Travel in mutant Starships of Light) and Their symbolic Masks and Garments, the History of Lemuria and Atlantis, the Origin of the Hopi, etc.

It is staggering that Our V.M. Samael Aun Weor gave us this Testimony 48 years before it was divulged, written in English, by an Indigenous Hopi Elder of "Western United States…" !

I have finished writing this study with the Help of God on Tuesday 15, September 2015.
We love all Beings, all Humanity. Every Human Being is also Humanity.

"May all Beings be Happy!"
"May all Beings be Blessed!" "May all Beings be at Peace!"
With all my Heart for all Poor Suffering Humanity
Luis Bernardo Palacio Acosta
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